Contest rules. This contest will run for two consecutive days during which contestants will compete to develop the best ICT platforms (or applications) that will use and convert information provided by CCAFS (and other bodies)  on climate change, food security and climate smart agriculture and make it more accessible and applicable, particularly for CCAFS and CTA's priority target audiences in Latin America and the Caribbean.

 Types of problems to solve

  • How can I increase my production and  income?
  • How can I increase my production levels?
  • How can I maintain year-round production?
  • How can I become competitive with regards to international prices?
  • How can I improve the nutritive quality of the food I produce and improve my food security?
  • How can I use agricultural production to increase employment levels in my region?

 Target population

  • National agriculture decision makers (Ministries, producers’ associations and organizations, private sector actors)
  • Local agriculture decision makers (local governments, related service providers).
  • Other local actors (farmers, cooperatives and small producers)

 Information available in the databases

  • Sustainable agricultural practices
  • Current and future climate variables
  • Agricultural markets and product prices
  • Input providers / supplier information
  • Alternative agricultural management practices
  • Complementary crops
  • Water resources
  • Seed varieties
  • Other regions with similar agricultural conditions

Type applications

  • Smart phone apps
  • Web services
  • GIS apps
  • Games
  • Crowd sourcing interfaces
  • API
  • Other

Selection Criteria

Jurors will evaluate submissions on the following criteria:

  • Technical components of the ICT platform
  • Innovative methods to address the challenge
  • Applicability of the platform in decision-making scenarios in Latin America and the Caribbean

Further clarifications

  • The developers must accept the gratuity of the application under the GNU Lesser General Public License
  • The application must use at least one database hosted by CCAFS, among others
  • All databases used in the competition must be freely available

Date: 29th and 30th of  November 2014 Location: CIP (International Potato Center) Avenida La Molina 1895, La Molina Lima, Peru.

International Potato Center