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This website CWR Diversity, aims to be a resource for those interested in collecting, conserving and using these invaluable resources in the context of adapting agriculture to climate change. New crop varieties that are productive under such changes are needed, and to breed these varieties, crop genetic diversity must be conserved and available to plant breeders.

The CWR Inventory section has a search engine with two different filters: classic search and advanced search. In it you will find a database of all species that have been discussed with the respective taxonomy and wild relative.

  • Classic search:
    • By crop genepool: Nearest according to their characteristics crop relatives.

Here we can find: crop taxonomy, gene pool (primary, secondary and tertiary groups) and others.

  • By crop wild relative:

In all sub-sections you will find the crop taxonomy, main synonyms, geographical distribution, and others.

  • By genus or taxon
  • By native distribution
  • By breeding use

The Conservation Gaps (abstract of the project) section is a summary of all the information that is in the genebank crop wild relatives.

The Interactive Map section is geographically located images of species found and recorded in this database.

The two documents below contain part of the database for Latin America and the metadata of this database.

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